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Chatbots are computer programs which automate certain tasks by chatting with customers through a conversational interface, like Facebook. As businesses are automating more parts of their operation, chatbots and other similar programs are becoming increasingly popular.

With chatbots, you can book a flight, order food, and get recommendations for practically anything you can think of. Though we are still in the early days of user engagement, the stats show that adoption is growing and whether we like it or not, chatbots are the future of marketing and customer support.

Several brands have already keyed into the wonders of chatbots and below are some brands which are already making the most of chatbots to delight their customers.


Starbucks has made it ridiculously easy to make an order for your favourite drink or snack using either voice commands or text messaging. The Starbucks app which is available in their app (iPhone, Android and Windows) will tell you when your order will be ready and the total cost.

  1. LYFT

Through the Lyft messenger bot, you can request a ride, know the current location of your driver and get a picture of the license plate and car model. In Slack, you can simply use slash commands to make requests (e.g., /Lyft home).


Fandango’s Facebook Messenger bot allows you find local theatres, watch movie trailers, and see what’s trending on a particular week. All you need do is enter your city’s ZIP code, and the chatbot will show you what’s playing nearby and direct you to a page where you can order tickets.


Spotify’s Facebook Messenger bot helps you create playlists directly from Facebook, and as your conversation with the bot gets deeper, it asks for more specifics on your music preferences and suggests song recommendations based on what you are doing, your mood, or the genre of music you want.


Whole Foods is an American supermarket chain which caters to the needs of people looking to find healthy recipes and ingredients. With the Whole Food bot on messenger, you can use emojis to search for the recipes you need and filter the recipes according to your dietary need.

  1. AERIE

Aerie is a lingerie retailer and intimate clothing sub-brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters. Their bot asks if you have shopped with them before, asks if you want to receive special offers and explains how you can unsubscribe. The main purpose of the bot is to find ways to inspire your shopping needs.

  1. 1-8000 FLOWERS

1-800 Flowers is a floral and gourmet food retail and distribution company. They allow you choose from a collection of floral arrangements from same day delivery to best-selling companies. When you select an item, they request for the delivery address and recipients information.


Sephora’s bot provides you with all kinds of makeup tutorials when chatting with it. The bot also provides product reviews and ratings when shopping at a particular store.


Pizza Hut customers can easily order pizza or carryout from Facebook Messenger or Twitter. They can also record their favorite pizzas, see current offers and ask questions.


Staples is passionate about customer service, and they try to make everything easy with its Intelligent Easy System which is done in partnership with IBM’s Watson. Staple’s Facebook Messenger bot can answer common customer questions about orders such as tracking’s, returns and requests on whether specific items are in stock.

Have you ever used a chatbot for your website? Do you considered it a benefit for your customer service? Let us know what you think

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