Smart bloggers are always looking to save time and be more productive, and there are several time management and productivity tools out there which can be of tremendous help. The challenge though is finding the ones who are worth your time. In this blog, we will be looking at ten must-have tools you need as a blogger.


StayFocused is a great tool for procrastinators and the chronically distracted. The tool is a productivity extension for Chrome which helps limits the time spent on some websites that distract you. Stay focused blocks them for a day so you can stay focused. It’s an effective method although quite extreme.


CoSchedule Headline Analyzer scores your headlines and attempts to predict whether they will be successful or not taking into account several factors such as structure, word balance, grammar, character, readability and word count. It also provides Google search previews, keywords and other details.


With this tool, you don’t even have to write a full headline, you can type three buttons and click the “Get me blog topic!” button and get results. You may not always get instantly usable ideas but you get something to begin work on.


Getting original topics should be the priority of every blogger but sometimes it is difficult getting to create something truly new in an age where most things out there is a copy of a copy.

With unplag, you can check your articles to determine whether they are a verbatim copy of some other article as sometimes some lines may have inadvertently crept in.1


To compliment high-quality content, you need good visual content too, and Compfight is a search engine that helps you find free, royalty-free images for you to use using the Flickr search API.

It also provides you with distinct attribution guidelines along with an FAQ section where you will get information on how to use different types of licenses.

  1. MOZ

Moz is an SEO tool which helps you with a big-picture strategy for your blog, telling you what topics your audience wants to see and which contents will evoke interest. It also helps you make your online presence more effective by providing you with tools to help you rank better on search engines. It’s a wonderful tool to stay steps ahead of the competition.


One of the things which bloggers struggle with the most is task management, and todoist is a tool designed to make your life less tense and more organized.

It is accessible on mobile devices and web browsers, allowing you to create projects and tasks, set track notifications, productivity, reminders, comments, and due dates.


Trello is a task management software which allows you create, manage and collaborate on projects which you are currently working on.

It is an online dashboard which has some cards and lists, allowing your colleagues work on the projects listed in real-time, creating and editing cards as required. Other features include notifications, comments, labels, due dates and several others.


The Editorial Calendar app is an awesome device for bloggers working on the WordPress platform. The plugin makes editorial management a breeze by allowing you schedule all posts and statuses in one central location.

Users can also drag and drop posts if they need to change the publishing dates. The Quickedit mode allows you change dates, title, and content.


Ninja Outreach is a tool which allows you compile a list of influencers from a specific industry or subject matter experts. Ninja outreach has a database of over 4 million websites.

To use Ninja Outreach, you type a keyword, specify the parameters and run the search. You can email those to your outreach list via your Ninja Outreach profile and keep track of all communication.

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